What We OFfer...

Services for Schools:

We offer training and coaching in the Calm, Compassionate Teaching™ approach to individual schools or entire school districts.  This includes

  • Half and full day staff trainings

  • Ongoing video coaching to facilitate implementation of the approach

  • Individualized consultation regarding specific students

Our half-day trainings address the following goals:

1)   Understanding the most common reasons for problematic student behaviors.

2)   Developing strategies for preventing problematic behaviors from occurring in the first place.

3)   Identifying options for effectively addressing problematic behaviors when they do occur.

4)   Providing students with opportunities for ongoing social-emotional skill development in order to prevent problematic behaviors from reoccurring.

In addition to the above, our full-day workshops also provide training in:

1) Establishing a protocol for developing a comprehensive student intervention plan.

2) Addressing common challenges in order to create durable systems change.

For more information, please contact info@calmcompassion.com

Services for Parents:

We offer workshops in the Calm, Compassionate Parenting™ approach to SEPACs, PTOs, and other parent organizations.  We also offer follow-up parent groups.

Clinical services for children and families are also available through South Shore Psychological Services, LLC.

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Workshop Feedback

This was a powerful. enlightening, and practical workshop. I have practical, easy to use and implement tools to use right away. Presenters were relatable, supportive, and well-prepared. Thanks!

- Sarah, Natick Public Schools

I've seen Dr. Epstein speak four times now - he never fails to teach me something new. I enjoyed the training immensely - it is focused and practical. Mr. Downing also provided invaluable information and perspective as an administrator.

- Camille, Hingham Public Schools

Excellent presentation! Very useful information and helpful to my teaching and classroom Thanks!

- Julie, Hingham Public Schools

“Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
— Ian MacClaren