Calm, Compassionate Parenting™


Our toughest parenting moments usually come when our child is having some kind of tantrum or meltdown.  For older children, this may take the form of disrespectful language or “having an attitude.”  It is very hard to keep our cool as a parent when our child is losing his or her cool.  And if the behavior happens in public, it is even harder.  The Calm, Compassionate Parenting Approach helps parents identify the most common reasons for children’s misbehavior and provides parents with practical strategies for staying calm when their child is struggling, as well as sensible techniques to effectively manage their child's behavior, so that they can help their child learn how to handle problems and stress in the moment and throughout their lives.  

Calm, Compassionate Teaching ™

Educators consistently report that student misbehavior remains one of the most stressful aspects of their job.  These concerning behaviors include tantrums, meltdowns, disrespectful language, defiance, non-compliance, and "having an attitude."  It is hard to know how best to help the students in these moments, particularly when the behavior is so disruptive to the learning environment and presents safety concerns.  The Calm, Compassionate Teaching Approach helps educators identify the most common reasons for student misbehavior and provides practical strategies for addressing the problematic behavior in the moment, as well as helping students build core life skills so that the behavior does not reoccur.